Tow Truck Service Company Opens New Office In Dallas, TX

November 15, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - DT Towing Pros, a road assistance company based in Dallas, Texas, is pleased to announce that they have opened a new office, guaranteeing broader coverage in the area and faster response to their customers’ emergencies. The company wants to reassure their customers that the reliability of their services will continue to live on through their new premises.

Kavan Noel, a representative of the company, is keen to express the depth of their commitment to bringing better services to the community. He says, "At DT Towing Pros, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our services and reach new parts of the community. We decided to open this office to maintain our short response times, as having several locations across the state greatly improves the experience that our customers have with our services. We invite the Dallas community to reach out to us and see for themselves what a top of the line service is like."

DT Towing Pros offers a wide variety of services, supported by the company’s extremely broad coverage in the Dallas area. They maintain that they strive to keep their response time below 30 minutes following their first contact with a customer as they are aware of the importance of arriving promptly at the scene of a roadside emergency. They have opened five offices across Dallas to fulfill this purpose, and they know boast one of the fastest response times in the area.

Aside from their prompt response times, DT Towing Pros affirms that they value safety above all else. They affirm that all of their employees are licensed, insured, and bonded to offer their services in Dallas, in accordance with local laws and regulations, guaranteeing the safety and well-being of themselves and their clients. These qualifications are important since the company believes that no roadside assistance provider should compromise safety in favor of rapid response times, even if the latter is often more appreciated by customers.

"When you are in an emergency and have to call a towing company in Dallas, the thing you need most is reliability and professionality," observes Noel. "We have over 20 years of experience providing road assistance services in Dallas, and this expertise shows through our services. We can safely offer aid during your emergencies and provide a solution to your unique situation regardless of how complex it is. Residents all across Dallas continue to prefer our services for the outstanding attention we give our clients as well as our professionalism, and this allows us to guarantee the best tow truck service in the area."

More specifically, DT Towing Pros guarantees safety, professional handling, and prompt response for all of their services. The services include Flatbed Towing, Car Lockout, Motorcycle Towing, Glass Repairs, Medium Duty Towing, Off-Road Assistance, and many more. Additionally, DT Towing Pros also offers 24/7 Emergency Service, through which they ensure that the Dallas community has a reliable roadside assistance provider to rely on at all times. These services are carried out with high-end equipment, easing the process and ensuring that DT Towing Pros can always provide a solution for their client's situation.

The excellence of DT Towing Pros’ work is attested to by several of their clients, as they have earned the community's support and appreciation over the years for their attentiveness and commitment. One of their most recent customer reviews, written by Khayri Howell, says, "Great price, they came quick, very professional and nice, and got my car to its destination in no time. They make a great team."

DT Towing Pros' services are available at one of the most competitive prices in the area, as keeping their services accessible has always been one of their top priorities. This is extended even further on their website, as they offer a 10% discount to clients who find them through this space.

Those in need of a reliable towing company in Dallas, Texas, can reach out to DT Towing Pros to learn more. Their website also includes a thorough description of each of their services, along with additional contact information. They invite interested parties to read about the company's latest effort to improve their services through the following link:


For more information about DT Towing Pros, contact the company here:

DT Towing Pros
Kavan Noel
(214) 646-1015
DT Towing Pros
1309 Main Street Suite 1192
Dallas, TX 75202

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