Private Label CBD Manufacturer sells CBD Massage Oil

November 15, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Arizona based CBD manufacturer Alpha Therapeutics has recently announced that their services as a private label CBD manufacturer are available to anyone interested in selling CBD products who does not have the means to manufacture the products themselves. Alpha Therapeutics supplies CBD products for many retailers across the Southwestern states of California, Colorado, Nevada and Arizona. As a white label CBD manufacturer, Alpha Therapeutics provides their Organic, fair trade CBD products to customers who want to sell their own line of CBD based products, such as CBD oils, massage oils, and tinctures.

Alpha Therapeutics has a team of scientists who will help their clients develop the exact formula that they need for their products, which the company can then manufacture, paying close attention to their exacting standards for product quality. Alpha Therapeutics prides themselves on the quality of their products, which is shown in their commitment to using natural, organic and fair trade ingredients in everything they make. They also pride themselves on their customer-centric focus, which has earned them a reputation for credibility, quality and customer service in the industry.

As a white label CBD manufacturer for therapeutic and beauty products, Alpha Therapeutics makes custom products that customers can label with their own brand and label, so they can sell CBD products without the hassle of setting up a manufacturing plant and sourcing hemp from a reliable legal hemp growing facility, all of which can take a very long time. Manufacturing CBD requires having all the right permits and being aware of all of the laws and regulations that apply to the product, its growth and manufacture.

A white label CBD manufacturer such as Alpha Therapeutics can handle all of those details, which makes selling CBD based products a more accessible market for a wider variety of companies. For example, a massage clinic might decide to sell Organic CBD Massage Oil, which they can order through Alpha Therapeutics, allowing them to provide a high quality product to their customers with their studio’s own branding. Since their customers already trust their brand, they’ll know that they can trust the CBD massage oil the studio sells, which can help sell more product.

Alpha Therapeutics’ CBD massage oil is made with 100% organic ingredients. In addition to the cannabinoids and terpenes expected in a CBD product, the massage oil uses a blend of Jojoba and sunflower oils, both organic, to deliver a quality massage experience. This massage oil is great for use on whole body massage, and helps delivery of CBD directly to the muscles and joints that are inflamed or in pain. The CBD is thought to have synergistic effects with the therapeutic effects of massage, which may lead to greater relaxation and a more effective massage. Like the rest of Alpha Therapeutics products, this massage oil is produced to exacting standards for quality, and is available for private labeling.

As a lab tested organic CBD manufacturer, products produced by Alpha Therapeutics are completely legal across the US, as they do not contain any THC, the compound in cannabis which produces the commonly known “high” associated with use of cannabis. Rather, the CBD present in these products comes from hemp, which has, over time, been bred to produce very low levels of THC in order to comply with strict regulations surrounding cannabis use that have only recently been loosening in the US and elsewhere. While the company cannot guarantee that using their products won’t trigger a positive drug test for people who are required to take drug tests for work or other reasons, they do provide test data to prove that their products do not contain enough THC to cause a high. This is a part of their overall commitment to quality and high standards, which makes Alpha Therapeutics a great choice for any company looking to source CBD based products for private label. Anyone interested in learning more about Alpha Therapeutics can contact the company.


For more information about Alpha Therapeutics LLC, contact the company here:

Alpha Therapeutics LLC
Geoff Dada
(833) 257-4279
10599 N Tatum
Suite F-156
Paradise Valley, AZ 85253

ReleaseID: 60032208

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