Pet Stain Carpet Cleaning Service Sioux Falls SD Advises People to Use Professional Services to Properly Clean Carpets in Homes with Pets

November 15, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Dakota Floor Restoration is a respected carpet cleaning and hard surface floor restoration company that has been in business several years now. They service Sioux Falls and all the Southeastern South Dakota area. They are a family-owned business that prides themselves on doing hard work and treating their many customers the right way. One of the company’s specialties is cleaning up the messes that pets sometimes leave in carpeting. They emphasize that the best way to eliminate pet dander, pet stains and pet odors from carpeting is to have carpeting professionally cleaned.

Company owner Ryan Van Ruler talked more about this by saying, “It’s no secret that most people treat their cats and dogs like family. That means that they will usually be free to roam around a home as they please. Although most pets are trained to go outside or to a litter box to relieve themselves, pet accidents can and do happen. When they do it can cause such things as discolored carpets and lingering odors if that carpet is not cleaned right away. Pet dander is also a leading cause of allergies around a home. Only professional carpet cleaning methods like we use can clean carpets deep enough to thoroughly get rid of pet dander and prevent pet accident spots from having long-lasting effects.”

Van Ruler also mentioned that improperly cleaned pet accident spots can have a more drastic impact on carpets than people realize. He warns that over time if these spots are not properly cleaned up, pet urine will eventually degrade fibers and even ruin the carpet backing and padding.

For those that want to learn more about this company’s reliable pet stain and carpet cleaning methods, they can refer to this webpage at It explains how the experienced professionals at Dakota Floor Restoration use time-tested methods to clean up pet accidents, pet debris, and other deeply embedded contaminants and allergens from carpeting. They use a combination of hot water extraction and safe rotary brush action to clean carpets as far down as the backing. A special pet urine cleaner and odorcide are also used during this process.

Once finished with the carpet cleaning, they will even check it with a blacklight to make sure all traces of pet urine have been removed. The finished carpet will not only look better but it will no longer taint the air quality in a home either. Their carpet cleaning methods have been proven safe for all types of carpet fibers too.

Dakota Floor Restoration can also clean up hard floor surfaces after pets have made a mess of them. This includes tough to clean concrete flooring. When cleaning pet urine from concrete and other hard floorings, they use such things as enzymatic cleaners and odorcide’s to help eliminate unsightly stains and foul smells.

This progressive floor restoration and carpet cleaning company also has an informative Google business listing page. It can be seen here at On the page, it shows the company’s contact information and the map location of their office. There are also 13 reviews that can be seen here and they are all rated an impressive 5 out of 5 stars. Shannon Ward wrote this review attesting to the fact that their carpet cleaning in homes with pets really works, “Ryan is prompt, professional, and has an A-class personality to boot! Our carpet needed some serious help, one word. Cats. In swoops Ryan with his magic carpet machine and wa-lha, no more kitty smell! Thank you!”

Van Ruler also says that the company takes much pride in providing those they do work for with excellent customer service. He says they do this because they don’t just want to make a single trip to a customer’s home and then never work with them again. With their professionalism, attention to detail and outstanding customer care, they seek to make lifelong relationships with those that they serve.

Van Ruler also mentioned that he is always available by phone or email to answer any carpet or hard floor cleaning questions that people have.


For more information about Dakota Floor Restoration, contact the company here:

Dakota Floor Restoration
Ryan Van Ruler
3400 S Fernwood Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57110

ReleaseID: 60032268

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