Majewski Plumbing Releases New Valve to Help Customers Save On Leak Prevention

November 15, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Jersey Shore-based Majewski Plumbing & Smart Homes is pleased to announce the affiliate launch of a brand new plumbing valve—a smart device—Flo by Moen. It is designed to help users avoid water damage by stopping leaks automatically. The new smart water valve detects and stops leaks before they become a major problem. A result of years of product development and industry-leading technology, the valve is the latest development in smart plumbing technology.

Referred to as the ‘all-in-one security system for your home water,’ the device is able to monitor all the water going into one’s home. It makes use of three sensors to monitor water flow, pressure and temperature. These sensors, combined with the smart valve’s algorithms, enable Flo by Moen to detect and protect the home from problems like leaks, burst pipes and much more.

“Every night, Flo by Moen runs a health test on your system,” says Moen, the manufacturer. “This is done to test for leaks anywhere in your home. Since this smart water valve can detect leaks as small as a drop per minute, you’d likely never know these issues existed until you had a problem such as water damage, mold behind walls, or even an unexplained rising water bill.”

The entire system is controlled from the owner’s smartphone. From their phone, the homeowner can receive alerts and turn their water on or off from anywhere in the world as long as they have internet access. One can view their home’s water consumption, contact their plumber and carry out many more tasks with just their phone. If one does not have access to their phone, the Flo valve will automatically shut off the water in case of a serious problem. Thanks to the deep investment put into the creation of Flo by Moen, the device can completely change how one manages their plumbing. As Moen states, “All of this adds up to best-in-class water security and savings for your home. Your plumbing might still be out of sight, but with Flo by Moen you can maintain your pipes and know that your home and family are protected from water damage.”

Once one has decided to upgrade to the Flo valve, the only remaining question is how it should be installed. Majewski Plumbing & Smart Homes offers the skills and knowledge needed to install such devices, efficiently and promptly, and will even train their customers on how to use both the system and the mobile app. Frank Majewski, Founder of Majewski Plumbing & Smart Homes, has a degree in microtechnology and, in addition to plumbing, he installs smart home technology. Moen’s Flo, their smart plumbing valve, bridges the gap between the two fields in which Frank is a specialist. Comparing the device to similar products on the market, Frank is quoted saying, “Flo is doing what all the other smart home leak prevention kits try but fall short of doing, which is prevent leaks, water damage and save you money by monitoring your water usage and suggesting changes."

Majewski Plumbing has been servicing pipes since their founding in 2004. The company combines their founder’s knowledge of plumbing and micro-computer technology to create unique solutions for their customers. “Having a background degree in micro-computer technology has granted me a unique curve with smart-home technology,” says Majewski. “As I dove deeper into construction and smart home water valves, I realized I could really start creating some unique, voice commanded homes for open-minded clients during the construction build.” The company is currently trying to expand into Stone Harbor and Avalon in order to bring their unique services to more customers. "We shifted gears from a competitor when Flo was released on to the market - it's simply the best leak detection prevention system out there, without the needs for remote sensors, and it has a great user app."

A number of customers have left positive reviews on Facebook praising the company’s services. “They responded to my plumbing emergency within the hour and did a great job,” says one review by Tom Casey. “Three other plumbers I called promised ‘to send someone out tomorrow.’ I highly recommend Majewski.”

“These guys do a great job,” says another Facebook review from a happy customer. “Honest, hardworking. Very happy with them. Would recommend them to everyone. They don’t charge an arm and a leg either. Very, very satisfied.”

Find out more about Moen's Flo Leak Detection System on their website and other online resources. Interested parties may reach out to Frank Majewski as well to follow up on any further inquiries.


For more information about Majewski Plumbing & Smart Homes, contact the company here:

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