Life-saving IoT applied in urban- scaleļ¼ŒSENSORO Emergency Perception network and service highlights in CHTF 2019

SHENZHEN, Nov 15, 2019, The 21st China High-Tech Fair (CHTF) is held in Shenzhen by Ministries and Commissions of the national government and Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government. Nearly 3,000 exhibitors with nearly 10,000 projects attend the fair this year. SENSORO, a Chinese technology company with its IoT technology can detect fire hazards within seconds-level time and protect people’s lives 24h around the year. Such technology has been applied on a large scale in more than 130 cities in China from where people step into a new stage of smart city security via the innovation IoT service.

“(The service) is so convenient, I feel safe and secure,” Ms. Wang, a visitor to CHTF, praised SENSORO’s innovative technology in the field of intelligent fire protection.

With the ease of wireless deployment, a palm-sized IoT sensor from SENSORO can be easily installed indoor, at home or any venue needed. Various sensors work on a 24h basis and monitor smoke, combustible gas or electric fire hazards in “real-time”. Sensors’ battery life can last for up to five years, which effectively cut down labor-intensive tasks and costs in traditional inspection work, improving the level of fire monitoring and early warning with low-power consumption.

As soon as potential hazards occur, front-end sensors perceive dangers sensitively in real-time and “seconds-level warning” is realized and warnings messages will be sent to relevant personnel in-charge via phone call, SMS and APP notifications ,etc. “Early warning triggered within one second, hazards eliminated within three minutes at the soonest.” The technology breakthrough enables fire hazards detected and notified in real-time to avoided or eliminated risks or danger at an early stage. SENSORO has grounded its security technology service in over 130 cities across China and more than 100,000 successful early warnings of fire hazards have been carried out, which effectively protect people’s lives and properties in practical.

Large scale deployment of city-level SENSORO security service network is based on their independent end-to-end IoT technology. SENSORO innovation service can meet the security needs of the diverse scenarios such as property management, factories, community, event venues and other places with the advantage of perception network with up to 10 km of communication distance. The whole network of flexibility and rapid deployment plays an important role in real-time detection and fire hazards monitoring in the early stage, which also leads to the security field at home and abroad.

For instance, recently in these years, fires have broken out in ancient cultural relics such as Brazil’s National Museum, Notre Dame de Paris, The Cavallerizza Reale in Turin Italy and Shuri Castle Japan which caused miserable loss to human cultural treasures. SENSORO has broken through in terms of cultural relics and ancient buildings preservation and protection with IoT technology, and the technology has been successfully deployed in Jokhang Temple in Lhasa as well as Wutai Mountain in China. The wireless and remote-warning security service system can effectively reduce the damage to the ancient wooden structure on installation, meanwhile provides lasting security protection to the building, courtyard, accommodation,etc.,Thus, and overall security monitor will be carried out and situation guaranteed without the necessity for manual guarding. Moreover, the high expansibility of city-level perception network service can consolidate the security foundation of sustainable development of smart cities from the aspects of smart security, smart government affairs and energy management, smart transportation and venue and so on.

SENSORO, the international IoT technology service provider has established cooperative relations with more than 65 countries and regions, who will launch new projects and empower smart city construction in Cambodia, South Africa ,etc., soon.


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