Cash Home Buyers Company in Philadelphia PA Accepts Houses in Any Condition

November 15, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Rapid Home Liquidation, a cash home buyers Philadelphia, PA business, has announced that they are ready to buy any house for cash no matter what the condition the house is in. They are also expanding on the kinds of properties that they buy to include divorce homes, foreclosures, code violations, tax liens, vacant land, foundation damage, homes with squatters, and more.

Brian Rudderow, owner and CEO of Rapid Home Liquidation, says, “We specialize in sticky real estate situations and junky houses that nobody else will take. It doesn’t matter if you have code violations, tax liens, or other problems. Our team has worked with hundreds of local homeowners in an effort to help revitalize this city and rehabilitate our crumbling infrastructure while providing jobs to local contractors in the process.”

He continues, “Owning the wrong property in Philadelphia can cost you time, money, and can be incredibly frustrating. The good news is that you can sell it quickly and easily no matter what condition it’s in. If you feel burdened by your unwanted house in Philadelphia, it may be time for you to consider selling. The even better news is we buy houses Philadelphia, PA homeowners want to dispose of as quickly as possible.”

According to Brian Rudderow, there are actually five ways that people can get hurt by owning the wrong property. Being stuck with the wrong house can restrict people’s opportunities in buying, living, and investing in a home that they truly desire. Being stuck to living in the wrong house, they are forced to spend on it despite being unhappy with it. The second way that people can get hurt is that they are wasting money just trying to keep the house in good condition.

Third, the wrong house may be too small for the family, which means everybody has to sacrifice feeling cramped and uncomfortable. Fourth, the opposite may also be true. The house may be too large for the family but they inherited it, for instance, and are forced to do so much work cleaning and repairing the house. The work that they do for house’s upkeep could have been spent better somewhere else.

And lastly, people could be unhappy living in a particular house. Perhaps, they have a pesky neighbor or the house is too run-down and the house’s residents have to struggle everyday to repair malfunctioning parts of the house. Or the house may be located in a place where there is hardly any greenery while the people in the house would love to be surrounded by trees, plants, grass and other things that keep them in commune with Mother Nature.

But now with Rapid Home Liquidation offering to buy any house, no matter what condition is in, people in Philadelphia need no longer suffer from living in the wrong house. Perhaps, they have tried contacting a real estate agent and asked about the possibility of selling it but the agent simply discouraged them and they thought they had no choice.

Rapid Home Liquidation, therefore, serves as a solution for people who no longer want to live in their home, for whatever reason. And because they purchase homes for cash, there is no need to wait for a long time. The professional team from the company have adequate training to quickly assess the situation and make an appropriate offer.

They are able to purchase houses in as short as one week, without the home seller having to pay any fees. The company will take care of any kind of complicated real estate situation, including the presence of tax liens and the threat of foreclosure. Their team can also handle a dilapidated house that requires extensive repairs, bad tenants in a rental home, water bills, foundation damages, tax bills, code violations, and other title problems. They will buy any kind of house in any condition in Philadelphia and neighboring cities and suburbs.

Those who are looking for Philadelphia, PA home buyers can visit the Rapid Home Liquidation website or contact them on the telephone or via email.


For more information about Rapid Home Liquidation, contact the company here:

Rapid Home Liquidation
Brian Rudderow
7201 Keystone St Ste 204
Philadelphia, PA 19135

ReleaseID: 60032393

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