Block Mega Chain will be officially released in early November 2019

BMC (Block Mega Coin) is the basic unit of value circulation in the Block Mega Chain ecosystem and an important practical tool for realizing inclusive financial.

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The concept of “inclusive finance” was proposed by the United Nations in 2005 to provide appropriate and effective financial services to all groups of society at an affordable cost. Small and micro enterprises (SMEs), farmers, and low-income people and other vulnerable groups such as the crowd are the main targets.

At present, although the international community has achieved certain achievements in the development of inclusive finance, it still has shortcomings. According to the World Bank estimates, there are still about 2 billion adults who cannot enjoy the most basic financial services in 2014.

The micro-economy simply cannot get the services provided by the existing banking system, and the financial services industry needs to be subverted. After decades of development, one-third of the world’s population still have not accessed to mainstream banking services. For the other two-thirds of the people, the service is not perfect also. As the existing banking system has many problems, including systemic risk, data privacy, financial exclusion, lack of competition and so on.

Blockchain technology is characterized by decentralization, trust, anonymity, transparency, and non-tamperability. It solves the shortcomings of traditional inclusive finance and triggers a new revolution in blockchain inclusive finance. BMC is building a blockchain-driven backbone, a decentralized digital asset bank that serves the small or micro economy, and establish a complete distributed data storage system.

BMC Fintech Limited is headquartered in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, Europe. It has a global management asset of more than 200 million US dollars (around 20000 Bitcoin and mainly digital assets). The team consists of senior financial practitioners and technology talents from Europe, Southeast Asia and the United States. A number of blockchain financial business qualification licenses have been obtained.

BMC digital asset bank supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS and other public chains. It applies digital asset management, digital assets trading, digital currency payment and other applications in order to better preserve and increase the value of digital assets. To some extends, Block Mega Coin (BMC) is equal to holding pension insurance, it will continue to generate stable income.

BMC (Block Mega Coin) is the basic unit of value circulation in the Block Mega Chain ecosystem and an important practical tool for realizing inclusive financial.

Block Mega Coin Issuing Plan
 Token Name: Block Mega Coin (BMC)
 Total Supply:10 billion (Fixed amount, no more issuing)
 Panic-buying & Mining output: 800 million (Released through Panic-buying or mining gradually enter the market)
 Ecology Construction:100 million (Including listing on exchanges, listing on market tools, media reports, meetings, etc.)
 Rewards: 100 million (Encourage outstanding users who contribute to the ecology and attract new users)

Block Mega Chain is also technically disruptive.

1. Transparency: Any related data will be stored on the public chain and allowing everyone can access to it thus ensuring the transparency of BMC.

2. Security: Block Mega Chain protects data integrity by building a distributed database system and participant consensus protocols.

3. Traceability: All data is recorded and publicized once it is generated, so it can be traced accurately at all times.

4. High reliability: Inclusive finance can achieve the effect of complete decentralization through blockchain technology, which enables the entire business service to effectively reduce costs and reconstruct the credit mechanism.

5. Auto-contract execution: The introduction of inclusive finance chain programmability allows parties to embed corresponding programming scripts in the process of value transfer, thus generate "smart contract".

In the near future, inclusive finance will be widely used in people's lives, it will benefit the life quality of grassroots people. This is also the original intention of inclusive finance! To provide all users with cost-effective, dignified and efficient digital financial services.

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