Seasonal Jobs

US to add 30,000 seasonal worker visas as soon as this week

May 6, 2019

The Trump administration plans to let an additional 30,000 foreigners return to the U.S. through September for seasonal work

Seal takeovers, downed trees: Parks clean up post-shutdown

Feb 2, 2019

Some national park visitors cut new trails, pried open gates and even mowed down an iconic twisted-limbed Joshua tree in California during the government shutdown

US shutdown stalls training, other prep for wildfire season

Jan 17, 2019

Officials spend the winter months preparing for the upcoming wildfire season, and much of that work is on hold because of the U.S. government shutdown

An icon of Christmas cheer went dark, some parks close

Dec 25, 2018

The national Christmas tree, a symbol of season's cheer, became an icon of paralyzed government

Chemistry Nobel for using evolution to create new proteins

Oct 3, 2018

The work of three scientists who won the Nobel Prize in chemistry has led to the development of medications, biofuels and a reduced environmental impact from some industrial processes

The Latest: Nobel chemistry winner credits team at Caltech

Oct 3, 2018

Nobel chemistry winner Frances Arnold is celebrating her prize with her students and fellow faculty members at the California Institute of Technology

Back from vacations, a good time to beef up cybersecurity

Aug 27, 2018

As people return to work after summer vacations, it's a good time to make sure everyone in the company is sensitive to the need for computer security

How to stretch summer job money

Aug 2, 2018

Your college summer job can lead to new friends, pizza money, a line on a resume - and a step toward long-term financial security

The noise of summer: Beach projects bug residents, visitors

Jul 28, 2018

The process of widening beaches and building protective sand dunes at the New Jersey shore where Superstorm Sandy caused tremendous damage is still underway, annoying some residents and visitors who wish the work could be limited to fall and winter

Thousands affected as Ryanair cabin crews go on strike

Jul 25, 2018

Cabin crew workers for low-cost airline Ryanair are holding a two-day strike in four European countries over working conditions, forcing thousands of passengers to make last-minute travel plans at the peak of the summer holiday season

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